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Mobile coupon usage on the rise

With almost 100 million people using mobile coupons, it’s clear the trend has continued for mobile adoption and overall adoption of coupons in general. The story and study by media post and Koupon Media shares some interesting insights. It’s not as simple as people using paper less and mobile more. People are using coupons more in every vehicle. Mobile is growing for coupons albeit at a rate less than mobile advertising or commerce ironically. One needs to ask why…

Value Pricing in Retail can apply to B2B companies

I just read a really interesting article from The Retail Experience newsletter that covered the controversial and elusive concept of Value-Pricing. Many folks think about retail value-based pricing as charging different prices to different customers based on their perceived value of the same product. It’s great in theory but difficult in practice. Furthermore, issues around consumer privacy and misleading advertising could prevent value-based retail pricing from being put into practice. On the other hand, online retailers are adjusting prices all the time based on fluctuating inventories, time of day and how much the competition is charging. The big question is do you pay higher prices on Amazon than the next customer. If you found out, you might love Amazon a little less… Check out the entire article here.

Consumers choose mobile web over apps… shocker!

I’ve been very interested in the different types of devices consumers use to shop, browse, and engage with retailers. Ironically, some data shows mobile apps are preferred by consumers for better user experience that only an app can provide. However, other data show that users prefer mobile websites. I’m confused at the comparison. One comparison is on volume of visits/usage. The other is quality of user experience. The volume is on the mobile web it seems, but the user experience is better on apps. Why do consumers purchase more on mobile websites than on retailer mobile apps if the experience on apps is so much better? I’m not sure, but it doesn’t seem there is an explanation. Check out part of the debate that Mediapost covered.

Retailers not well-equipped to handle omni-channel retail experience

A great article from Retail Customer Experience on where retailers are most likely to succeed first in the fight for the omni-channel customer experience. It seems like retailers are great at figuring out product, price and inventory. However, this has been optimized by channel, not across channels. Customers are more and more thinking across channels and devices (buying where/when/how they want), but retailers are ill-equipped to engage this type of customer until they figure out how to integrate their core systems to deliver a seamless customer experience regardless of device, in-store or online. Tons of investment needs to be made in both technology, organization restructurings and marketing efforts to deliver a customer-centric experience.