Building customer loyalty isn’t that hard

There are so many articles written on how to build retail customer loyalty. Furthermore, there are millions of dollars spent on generating and nurturing customer loyalty among retailers and service providers. I recently read this article on Retail Customer Experience that talks about 10-steps to customer loyalty. I love articles with 10-steps to success. Super simple and clear. Just follow the sage advice and watch the magic happen. Unfortunately, many retailers want to throw money at a problem without contemplating a much simpler solution. Equally as costly, retailers need to put the customer first and focus on demonstrating loyalty to the customer (easy returns, easy purchasing, great customer service and sales support) before hoping for loyalty in return. There was another article focused on the nuances around how a retailer can “be loyal” to customers first. I can’t object to this simple yet hard-to-execute approach. All the coupons and loyalty cards in the world can’t mitigate my frustration when sales people are unhelpful and customer service people are rude…

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