Small businesses max out value at 13 messages

In a great article recently in MediaPost article click here, it described the value of small business digital loyalty programs. SpotOn seems to be growing on the west coast and provides merchants and consumers with a way to send and receive messages and check-in dying a customer visit with a customer’a mobile phone. Sounds pretty typical. What’s interesting is that some initial data shows that merchants who sent up to 13 messages a month saw an increase in customer return visits. Anything over 13 saw a reduction in visits with diminishing returns. 13 is viewed as an unlucky number. Perhaps we should make an exception for customer loyalty messages…

The big curiosity is if there is any relevance to large national merchants. What can national chains learn from this? – then again, many have had loyalty programs for decades, so I would expect they would know how many customer communications are too much. Then again, if you get the number of marketing messages I do from retailers, it’s apparent they haven’t found the right number yet.

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