How is this blog different from all other blogs?

Welcome All, Seth Sarelson and I (Jonathan Treiber) realize the start-up world moves fast and most entrepreneurs don’t have time to breath, let alone document their exciting start-up experiences. We’ve spoken with a bunch of start-up veterans who regret that they never took time to document their first time through the start-up mill. They joked with us and said that we would never have the time either. Well, we have decided to try (as you’ll see, most of the posts are in the wee hours of the morning when things calm down a bit). Our goal with this blog is to share our experiences and thoughts about our new business venture, OnCard Marketing. The purpose of this blog is to (1) provide frequent updates to friends/family/investors on the status of our business, (2) document our experience for ourselves as it occurs, and (3) provide insights and advice to budding entrepreneurs in the hopes that we can help others in our position avoid the missteps that we will undoubtedly encounter. We’re happy to do anything we can do to pass the knowledge along. Unlike most other blogs, which focus on politics, business, high-tech and other professional endeavors, we are focused on delivering an honest account of what we will have gone through to start a business from scratch. No glitz, no glam. We fully expect to share both the ups and the downs of our ensuing roller coaster ride. Seth and I realize that if most of you are like us, you only hear of successful entrepreneurs when they cash-out from a successful IPO or buy-out and live out the rest of their days on a tropical island. While we do not intend to dispel this common myth entirely, we are focused on providing a more realistic and human account of our start-up venture. Someday, we can only hope that we’re all laughing about most of the stuff on this blog. Enjoy! JT & SS