Alumni association meeting upate

Seth and I wanted to give you an update on our meeting with the executive board of a large NYC college alumni association last night. This alumni association leads lead the charge on any and all alumni programs for the entire system and wanted us to come in there and pitch them on the OnCard fund-raising program. This would function as a system-wide program (1 million alumni) where alumni could simply select their Alma mater out of a list of individual campuses (a truncated subset of our iBakeSale group database). It would be a white-labeled program hosted by us as a punch-out from the university system homepage.

Anyway, we spent about an hour presenting to 15 board members last night. We created a PowerPoint presentation and spent the majority of time doing Q&A with the board. Many great questions came up (all of which we had heard before), and the dialogue was very interactive. They liked the presentation and the overall program. The great part was we were slotted for a 20 minute presentation, but the board opened up the discussion and almost everybody asked questions throughout the duration of the presentation, which lasted over an hour.

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