Young people seem to like coupons

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In a recent article I read on MediaPost Publications, which you can click to here, I learned that younger consumers used coupons more than older people. This seemed completely counter-intuitive especially considering that the article also stated that 78% of coupons came from newspapers and younger people don’t read newspapers. I’m not sure what the message is here considering that older people and retired people on fixed incomes tend to hunt for discounts the most. This article threw some common thinking to the wind. Coupons have mostly been found in the Sunday newspaper and that is still the case. However, the newspaper coupons have always been mostly for grocery and drug store products, not clothing, consumer electronics etc. As newspaper readership declines and consumers continue to get their news online, coupons are going to have to migrate to the internet in larger numbers if they’re going to reach the same number of eyeballs as they once did in print newspapers. The future of coupons is online, and that’s the conclusion I drew from the article. Check it out for yourself here.

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