What is Wugging?

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This has to be the coolest made-up word I’ve ever heard. I stumbled across it on Wallet Mouth blog in a recent blog post.

Wallet Mouth defines Wugging as follows: Wugging, or web-use giving, lets you raise money for do-gooder groups by shopping online and using search engines.

Sound familiar?

Sounds a lot like iBakeSale, my favorite online fundraising rewards program for local community causes.

Other online companies that are wuggers include GoodSearch, which allows users to search the internet and donate search revenues to charities and schools, FreePledge, a shopping portal where you can donate shopping savings to charity, and SchoolPop, which allows users to shop and donate savings to schools across the country.

I’ve never hear the word Wugging before but I think it will soon become one of my favorite words. It describes something near and dear to my heart, online giving. There are a myriad of companies that enable online giving through having consumers take actions. A couple not mentioned on Wallet Mouth include iGive and a new social network called Razoo, which allows users to take certain actions which support and promote various charities.

I’d love to hear what they call Wugging for off-line charitable giving…

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