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Interesting Find on Google…

Not sure if any of you ever Google your own name. I do it every few weeks just to see what’s out there and whether it’s good or bad. Anyway, I was digging around on the organic Google search results and came across an interesting interview I had with a senior Professor of entrepreneurship at Cornell University over a year ago. It’s kind of weird to hear my own voice (don’t know if any of you feel the same way) but it was interesting to see how my perspectives on things like LinkedIn and Meetup have changed over time. The Cornell Entrepreneurship department posted the video interview on YouTube, which is how I found it. In case any of you are interested (and bored currently), you can check it out below with a click and play. Enjoy!

Search Marketing for In-Store Purchases

google I was recently talking with my co-founder, Seth Sarelson, about a conversation he had with a search marketing professional. Seth was chatting with him about some of the technology we’re developing to track in-store purchases and promotions using bar codes. What this search marketing expert was particularly excited about was our ability to track search keyword conversions in the bar code to determine which keywords are driving in-store shopping transactions using our printable bar coded offers. This is an interesting aspect of our technology and seems like it was of particular interest to search marketers. I’m just curious if any of you out there might be interested in this application of our technology to track search engine marketing effectiveness. We all know that Google and other search engine marketing is a huge business and growing every year. Although it’s only a small part of a company’s overall advertising spending, it’s still a big enough opportunity worth understanding. Does anybody think this is worth blogging about further? I’d be happy to provide more information.