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Coupons & Wal-Mart lead back-to-school efforts

Great article at MediaPost Pubs on how coupons and wal-mart are leading the charge in back-to-school. The funny part is that they don’t say which has been more successful, all coupons or just Wal-Mart, drawing the distinction that Wal-Mart doesn’t do coupons and has remained true to its everyday-low-price strategy. However, both strategies have their places and are paying off. Check out the complete article here. I don’t think anybody can ignore all the TV ads that Wal-Mart is running for back-to-school. I actually find them very well-done. However, my hat goes off to Marshall’s for their TV adds that explain in no uncertain terms how they prosper from mainstream retailers misfortune. Not sure that the right angle to take with consumers and not sure how consumer have reacted to that angle. I think there would be a better way to distinguish themselves from their competition…

Affiliate Summit Conference Video Recap

Check out the short video recap of the most recent affiliate summit marketing conference in NYC. It was a big show (the show seems to be growing every year), which is amazing considering other shows/conferences are losing steam in the down economy. Enjoy!

Yahoo! does coupons

It was only a matter of time before Yahoo! got in the coupon game. As the world’s largest consumer destination site for content, they have everything under the sun. I remember them having a presence in consumer discounts / coupons going back a while but I remember those offers being limited to online shopping and retail. They recently announced a major partnership with for printable grocery and other coupons via a Yahoo! portal called Yahoo! Deals. I’m sure it will be a smashing hit among consumers and will probably cannibalize traffic and coupon usage from other major portals our there, of which there are thousands. Check out the full article here. The one things to keep an eye on is whether the coupon usage among consumers is expanding as rapidly as the amount of distribution and supply of offers. I’m not quite sure the internet needs more sites promoting coupons, and given the large number of sites currently, there’s plenty of room for them to grow their consumer traffic.