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SYMS Launches Free-Suit Promo on the Web

Old-school apparel retailer SYMS has joined the throngs of major retail brands leveraging who are beginning to leverage digital media, viral and social media to drive foot traffic into their stores. SYMS has come up with an innovative marketing program that involves a sweepstakes consumers can enter to win a free suit. They are targeting business people, mostly men, who have been hit hard by the economic recession and need some help, including a free make over and career consultation. I admire SYMS for stepping in and showing how much they care. I haven’t seen any other retailer make such an effort to reach out to their local communities and help consumers in this way. They are using all the digital arsenals, ranging from twitter to blogs, to keep customers in the loop and build awareness for the ongoing campaign. So far, they’ve doubled expectations by having over 5,000 people sign-up for the sweepstakes. I’ll try to keep you posted on the progress of the campaign. Brand Week has a full article on the store, which you can click here to find more about.

Twitter goes after businesses

I saw a cool article on Venture Beat that discussed how Twitter is developing some new enterprise tools for businesses and larger companies who are asking them for different and more advanced features. I found this pretty interesting although very predictable. The most surprising aspect of this announcement is still no discussion on how they expect to make money from this service. A lot of pundits thought that they would develop enterprise-tools and charge commercial accounts for the service. That doesn’t look like it’s the case… Check out the entire article by clicking here.

Christmas comes early at Sears

One of my co-workers at RevTrax sent me this news story about Sears and how they’ve announced a marketing program that will give customers a Christmas-style savings now (in August) for purchases they make with their special stored value card online or in-store at Sears or Kmart. Sears is saying that they want to address customers’ concerns that they may not be able to afford holiday shopping and spending this season. Check out the article by clicking here.