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Marketers getting hit hard… as we all know

We all know that the advertising and marketing industry is getting hit hard. Budgets are getting slashed and people are getting fired to free up cash for many organizations to stay afloat. However, from a budget perspective, it was never clear how the industry is being affected in concrete terms. I recently came across an interesting article on MediaPost, which you can read by clicking here, which provides some interesting data points on how budgets are being affected within major marketing departments. Although it’s clearly negative news, it’s interesting to have some facts to support the hype.

Some good press

I was recently given the opportunity to speak at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas, an online advertising conference devoted to performance-based advertising on the web. It was a great chance to provide information to people on what it means to track online ads to offline (i.e. in-store and via phone). If you’re interested in seeing a write-up by one of the blog reporters attending the show, please check it out here…

RevTrax Press Release

RevTrax just announced a new product release that can help retailers validate coupons being redeemed by customers in real-time to ensure against coupon fraud. This is very interesting and important for retailers who are worried that their coupons end up copied and spread intentionally to lots of different people, especially via the internet. This new product enhancement allows the retailer to validate each incoming coupon against a RevTrax database of coupons already redeemed to tell if an identical bar code has been used before. If so, the retailer is notified that the offer is a duplicate and is not valid. If that particular bar code has not been redeemed before, the cashier is free to accept the coupon. Feel free to check out the press release if you have the chance by clicking here.

Upcoming Search Marketing Conference

I recently submitted a speaking proposal to the SMX Search Marketing Conference in Toronto, which will focus on tracking & analytics for online search marketing. I received an email from the conference administrator this morning inviting me to present on how technology can help advertisers track the effectiveness of online search marketing on off-line sales. Check out the conference if you’re interested by clicking on the thumbnail below. Enjoy!