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Can the internet save brick & mortar retailers?

Online retail is expected to grow 12 percent this holiday season over last. Why? The major reason is that I think more people are going online, hence clicking on more ads, links, product comparisons etc. Volume of web traffic is driving online retail. There’s a question that is nagging me… Would brick and mortar retail also grow at 12 percent if they used the internet to drive in-store? The logic is that they would capture consumers who are online more now more than they are reading papers, TV etc. Is biricks and mortar getting killed because the media they use is reaching less people as more people stop reading mags and newspaper and go online? Simply put, if bricks and mortar retailers used the internet to drive in-store, would they actually grow in line with online retail? Topic for a future blog post but curious to get your reactions.

Are advertisers wasting 50% of their budgets?

I’ve decided to take a brief reprieve from my blog series on CPA advertising / marketing to share a very interesting blog post I came across from a couple years ago. The post was written by an online marketing / advertising guru who has written extensively about the future of internet advertising on driving accountability for advertisers / media as well as the impact online ads can have on driving offline spending. This is a great read and if you have the time, please click through and check it out…