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OnCard OnCard Marketing was formed in June of 2008 with the goal of creating and managing a group of online shopping malls catering to charities, alumni associations, magazine publishers and other affinity organizations. We set out to create private-labeled shopping malls where consumers could shop and earn cash-back, points, or other rewards currency from hundreds of participating online retailers. The vision was to use registered credit card technology as the tracking mechanism for connecting online marketing efforts with offline sales. is an online shopping mall where consumers can sign-up for free and allocate savings from hundreds of top online retailers to a variety of local and national causes. Fundraising organizations range from local soccer teams and little leagues to national charities. RevTrax was born out of OnCard Marketing and iBakeSale with the goal of developing innovative technology to track online marketing efforts to in-store transactions. RevTrax identified that the missing link for online marketers is the ability to track online advertising that results in an in-store or offline purchase. RevTrax’s team of professionals delivers world-class software and services to many of the nation’s largest retailers, restaurant chains, and consumer packaged goods companies.