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Missing The Mark: Loyalty & The Unbanked, part 3

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Seth Sarelson published in CRM Buyer

Congrats to Seth Sarelson, my Co-Founder at OnCard Marketing. One of his pieces, titled Missing the Mark: Loyalty and the Unbanked, was published today by CRM Buyer publication. Congrats Seth! To read the complete article on CRM Buyer, click here

Missing The Mark: Loyalty & The Unbanked, part 1

By Seth Sarelson Seth Sarelson is Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of OnCard Marketing, a loyalty marketing solutions provider. The company recently launched the iBakeSale fundraising rewards program. Previously, Seth held management roles for Citigroup, one of the world’s largest credit card issuers, where he helped run the company’s Global Commercial Cards business in brand management for the Purchasing Card, Fleet Card, and Electronic Account products. According to a recent household survey, the Federal Reserve concluded that 9.1% of families in the U.S. do not have a deposit account of any type. This market segment lives check to check and typically avoids opening bank accounts because of a lack of funds combined with a deep distrust of banks. For the unbanked, even a simple transaction, such as getting a cell phone or a cable line installed can be a daunting task because the individual has no credit history and no credit card. This consumer pain has been the catalyst for a number of prepaid debit products such as Green DotTM by Next Estate Communications and Fastcard?

A $47,800 iPo

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I should have bought more stock in Apple B)

By Seth Sarelson, COO of OnCard Marketing (Contact: ) Spending nearly $50,000 for my new 80GB iPod means one of three things: A)

When Paid Search Doesn?

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