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Big win…

So Seth and I just got back from our follow-up meeting with a large NYC university alumni association. We presented the iBakeSale program and white-labeling opportunity for an alumni program for 15 minutes, 5 minutes for Q&A. It was short and sweet. They then took an informal hand vote and approved our program without any dissenters (30 people total). We’re very excited that this alumni association has approved our program, and we’ll be working to get the rest of the campuses in the university system on board for a system-wide program over the next few weeks. This was a big win for us, but there’s a ton more work to be done…

Alumni update

I received a call from the Alumni president on Thursday telling me that they discussed our proposal and unanimously approved it. He invited me to present to an even larger group of 40 individuals Monday (tomorrow) night about the program. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but it will certainly be a big crowd. Seth and I are running off 45 copies of the presentation to be safe and will head up to their campus uptown. I can’t make any predictions at this point, but Seth and I are very excited about the momentum that is building within the alumni networks for our program and we’ll just have to let you know how it goes…

Alumni association meeting upate

Seth and I wanted to give you an update on our meeting with the executive board of a large NYC college alumni association last night. This alumni association leads lead the charge on any and all alumni programs for the entire system and wanted us to come in there and pitch them on the OnCard fund-raising program. This would function as a system-wide program (1 million alumni) where alumni could simply select their Alma mater out of a list of individual campuses (a truncated subset of our iBakeSale group database). It would be a white-labeled program hosted by us as a punch-out from the university system homepage.

Anyway, we spent about an hour presenting to 15 board members last night. We created a PowerPoint presentation and spent the majority of time doing Q&A with the board. Many great questions came up (all of which we had heard before), and the dialogue was very interactive. They liked the presentation and the overall program. The great part was we were slotted for a 20 minute presentation, but the board opened up the discussion and almost everybody asked questions throughout the duration of the presentation, which lasted over an hour.

While it?

The Business Smart-Tools Conference

Seth and I were recently invited to present OnCard Marketing and our iBakeSale program at a conference in Stamford CT on May 15th. It is a very exciting event that is focused on bridging the gap between the business world and the tech world. There are going to be speakers on a variety of topics and a few key presenters (one of them is us). Our focus with is to connect the tech, non-profit and business worlds and fits well with the theme of the conference. We are very appreciate to Valorie Luther of Creative Concepts for giving us the opportunity to share iBakeSale with all the business, tech and non-profit executives in attendance. Check us out on their website by clicking here. You can check out the conference home page here. We look forward to sharing the experience with you all on May 15th. JT

Contact Us

If you are interested in me to discuss any interesting topic within the marketing, advertising or technology universe, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I always enjoy speaking with people in the industry about new trends and technologies that will transform the way we think about marketing, advertising and technology. You can obtain my contact information by scanning the QR bar code in the left margin of my blog.

Follow the yellow brick road…

We are almost done developing our technology and interface for iBakeSale, our first consumer rewards program. We have just engaged a PR firm to help us market the program to consumers through a variety of on-line and off-line publications (journals, magazines, newspapers etc.). Furthermore we have hired a few more part-time technology developers to work with our technology team to expedite our time-table for additional functionality we would like to build into our technology. Given our recent commitment to all these near-term expenditures, Seth and I have decided that we will probably need to go back out to existing and new investors for additional capital. Seth is beginning to draft an updated business plan and executive summary to reflect iBakeSale and some our updated strategies, and I have spent hours updating our financial forecast to reflect the same. While this process has been grueling so far, we can only hope that with the successful launch of iBakeSale and demonstration of consumer adoption and usage, we will be able to attract new investors who may have been on the fence up until this point. Let the games begin… JT


Mr. Treiber is currently CEO and co-founder of RevTrax, a leading technology company focused on empowering digital media, including web and mobile strategies, by providing a secure, measurable and flexible online promotional platform to track offline sales. Jonathan has led the company through its initial product development, launch, several rounds of capital raising, team expansion and several key business partnerships with major media companies interested in RevTrax’s cross-channel tracking technology. Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur and has been actively involved in the online marketing space since June 2006 with a variety of businesses focused on the affiliate marketing, display and search verticals, with a particular focus in the online loyalty space. Jonathan is an active participant and speaker at many online marketing conferences. He was invited to present at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas on the topic of tracking online advertising on in-store sales. Most recently, Jonathan spoke at the Affiliate Summit East conference in NYC in August and presented in a solo format about offline conversion tracking solutions and applications to the affiliate marketing industry. Jonathan was also selected as a panelist for the SMX Toronto conference to discuss new forms of analytics tools to track the impact that search marketing practices can have on offline sales. Most recently, Jonathan was selected to present on a panel at SMX East New York City, where he presented offline conversion tracking solutions and applications to the search marketing industry. Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Arts, with distinction, from Cornell University. JT’s Profile View

We’ve got merchants!!

So iBakeSale is in final stages of development (more on that in another post) and we’ve got approximately 300 merchants signed-up for our program. We are going to launch online only to start, since that will give us broader reach across the whole country via the web and not limit us to various locations with brick&mortar merchants. Reaching out to brick&mortar merchants will be further down the road. We’re very please with the traction we’ve gotten with some very large merchants. You can check out a list of some of our larger merchants at The program isn’t even complete yet, and once it’s launched (we’re hoping by end-of-month), we’ll be able to get some other large merchants who are on the fence until we have some initial consumer adoption. I can’t say I blame them. Stay tuned… JT